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Digital Marketing Essentials Series

Unlock the secrets to elevating your hospitality business with Scott Aussie's Digital Marketing Essentials Series. This collection of downloadable guides merges Scottish innovation with Australian hospitality flair, offering actionable insights and strategies tailored for the tourism sector. Dive into topics ranging from social media mastery to SEO optimisation, all designed to boost your online presence and connect with guests like never before. Ready to transform your digital marketing approach? Download now and start your journey towards success.

Digital Foundations

Optimising Your Hospitality Website

Engage and Inspire

Content Marketing for Hospitality

Social Savvy

Building Your Brand on Social Media

Inbox Influence

Mastering Email Marketing for Hospitality

Visibility Boost

SEO Strategies for Hospitality Businesses

Trust and Triumph

Navigating Online Reputation

Data-Driven Success

Leveraging Analytics in Hospitality

Future Forward

Emerging Digital Trends in Hospitality

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Coronavirus Response Plan

Free advice to help your tourism business survive the coronavirus

18 pages of insights, tips and recommendations based on current research and long term industry trends to help you survive the current crisis.