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Tourism Rockingham Social Media Development

Turn Tourism Rockingham's social media footprint from a small collection of disconnected posts and accounts into a vibrant and engaged community of fans.

We had the opportunity to work closely with the Rockingham Tourism Association, providing comprehensive social media management services. Prior to our collaboration, the association’s social media presence was minimal, lacking a cohesive strategy or purpose. While other local tourism brands were experiencing growth on social media, the Rockingham Tourism Association’s accounts remained stagnant.

Revitalising the Social Media Strategy

Our first step was to develop a robust social media strategy for the Rockingham Tourism Association. We conducted a thorough analysis of their target audience, competitors, and industry trends to identify the most effective approach. With a clear understanding of their goals and objectives, we crafted a tailored strategy that aligned with their brand identity and aimed to increase engagement, reach, and awareness.

Content Creation and Management

To bring the strategy to life, our team took charge of content creation and management across various social media platforms. We designed and curated visually appealing and engaging posts that resonated with the target audience. Our content showcased the beauty, attractions, and unique experiences offered by Rockingham, capturing the attention of both locals and potential visitors. We ensured a consistent posting schedule, keeping the audience engaged and excited about what Rockingham had to offer.

Community Engagement and Growth

In addition to content creation, we actively engaged with the community on social media platforms. We responded to comments, messages, and inquiries promptly, fostering a sense of connection and building relationships with the audience. We also implemented targeted growth strategies, utilizing organic and paid methods to expand the association’s social media following and reach. By implementing effective community management techniques, we encouraged user-generated content and leveraged the power of positive reviews and testimonials.

Results and Success

Our collaboration with the Rockingham Tourism Association resulted in significant improvements in their social media presence. The association’s accounts experienced a notable increase in followers, reach, and engagement. By implementing a consistent and strategic approach, we helped them maintain their position as the leading voice in promoting Rockingham as a premier tourism destination. The enhanced social media presence not only increased brand awareness but also contributed to attracting more visitors to the area.

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