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Printed Magazine and Email Newsletter

Ongoing design and content solutions for Clubs WA, including the creation of their bi-monthly magazine and weekly EDM campaigns. Discover how our captivating designs and engaging content have enhanced their industry communication and member engagement.

We have the privilege of working in an ongoing capacity with Clubs WA, the industry association representing not-for-profit clubs and associations in Western Australia. Our work involves providing comprehensive design and content solutions for their bi-monthly printed magazine and weekly electronic direct mail (EDM) campaigns.

Printed Magazine Design and Content Creation

For Clubs WA’s bi-monthly magazine, we take charge of the entire design process, creating captivating page layouts that bring their content to life. Our team also contributes written copy for select articles, ensuring the messaging effectively resonates with the target audience. Additionally, we source newsworthy stories from member clubs, infusing the magazine with engaging content that showcases the vibrancy and achievements of the industry.

Weekly Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Scott Aussie also spearheads the design and creation of Clubs WA’s weekly EDM, reaching out to a growing subscriber base of over 1,100 individuals every Thursday afternoon. We curate compelling content by sourcing member club stories, collating government updates, and highlighting sponsored content and upcoming events. Our team meticulously crafts each email to capture the attention of readers, fostering engagement and keeping subscribers informed and connected.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

In addition to our creative contributions, we provide regular updates to the Clubs WA board, offering valuable insights into the EDM’s performance. We track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber growth rates, empowering the board with actionable data to optimise their marketing strategies.

Our ongoing collaboration with Clubs WA continues to be a success, enabling them to effectively communicate with their 500+ members through their visually appealing magazine and engaging EDM campaigns. The tailored design, compelling content, and diligent performance tracking help Clubs WA strengthen their industry presence and engage their target audience effectively.

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